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'Wish They Were Here'

18th-28th January 2023

Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield

9th February - 9th March 2023

Postcards for Peace, COBALT Studios, Newcastle

Looking into my grandmother's eyes (back right) at a moment of a day on the beach with her friends, whilst war raged across the channel, I try to imagine her and her friend's feelings. Also, that I might not have existed if my grandfather had passed his medical (he had a heart echo) and had fought in the war. In fact, he was a keen cyclist, later toured Norway and the Alps and would cycle 30 miles there and back to visit us well into his 70s!   

Littlehampton 1916.jpg

Also appeared in 

12/2022 Memory and Identity, Visual Arts Show, International Group Exhibition, CISTRA ARTS. 

11/2023. Sculpture Special Edition, Collect Art.

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