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'The Ooops! project'

05/2019 Drill Hall Library, University of Kent, Medway

07/2019 Templeman Library, University of Kent, Canterbury

(accidental mobile phone images)

Ian Bride (SAC/OSE), Tommy Cleggett, Jordon Colbert, Kevin Hadimadja, Peter Hatton, and Carol Smith (SMFA)

Ian had the original idea when looking at accidental, yet attractive and interesting, images on his mobile phone, and wondering if a collection of such images could be made and displayed. The project called for students and members of the public to upload such photos and was designed as an experiential learning opportunity for a student team from the School of Music and Fine Arts at the University of Kent, supported by their lecturer, Peter. Through running the project the students explored colour, texture, form, and movement through a process of curating and exhibiting these images. Copyright was adopted by the project so that images could be enhanced by being cropped or otherwise edited. The project was funded by the University’s Creative Campus scheme.

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