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My Grandad's Eyes

My grandfather was deemed unfit to fight in World War I because of a heart murmur. He was sent white feathers as a coward, and was not allowed to sign up for World War II either. He became a London fire warden during the Blitz.

But as a keen cyclist he toured Scandinavia and the Alps, taking black and white photos as he went. He even kept cycling 30 miles from and back to London to visit us at the weekends well into his 70s.

Some years after he passed away, I came across his negatives, digitised them, and produced this montage as if looking through his eyes which, but for a military medical, may never have seen these images, nor ultimately led to my own existence.... and my seeing them and sharing them. 

The desk below I made from pieces of an old mahogany wardrobe of his that had been damaged by water. I kept the timber for nearly 40 years before finally beating the challenge of producing this 'limited materials' piece for my wife.

Grandad's journey
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