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TB continued, 2018

This work concerns the attempts to control bovine tuberculosis through the practice of badger culling (badgers can act as asymptomatic carriers). The culling programme seems to have pretty much failed to achieve its objective, although many farmers still support the practice, whilst others argue that a badger vacinnation programme would be a more effective, if more expensive, option. How much is a badger worth?

TB Continued

Eaupressor, 2018

Of an estimated 160,000 plastic bottles produced per second globally, only a derisory 0.01% are recycled. The rest enter the environment with destructive biological impacts that are only now beginning to be understood…

Eaupressor, 2018

Egg, 2017

Put simply, Egg references the finely balanced relationship between technology and nature. But it also offers another layer - given that this type of clamp is no longer used (going extinct) and the egg has been blown, and is therefore empty - plus the temptation offered to we 'intelligent beings' to just to tighten the clamp! 

Egg, 2017

The Modern University, 2018

In The Modern University 2018, a clamp holds a copy of Pedagogy of the Oppressed (1968) by the revolutionary educator Paulo Friere. Sadly, the highly marketized, curricula homogenised, league table driven, modern UK university, offers little or no space for the sort of radical innovations that Friere argued are fundamental to developing the truly liberating, capacity-building education that would enable us to create a better world.

Modern University
Joe Hill framed.JPG

Joe Hill Framed, 2018

Joe Hill Framed 2018. Joe Hill was a labour activist, songwriter, cartoonist and member of the Industrial Workers of the World organisation. He wrote and performed rousing unionist lyrics to popular hymn music (including The Preacher and the Slave - in which he coined the term 'pie in the sky').

(Listen here: )


He became such a thorn in the side of the establishment that in 1915 they framed and executed him for murder. When asked if he had any last words, he said 'fire!'.

Joe Hill Framed
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