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'Choice Tardis'

7 - 9 December 2018

Gut Feelings: OSE Final Show, 50 Athestan Rd, Margate. 

Choice Tardis comprises a series of seven doors surrounding an inner 'sanctum' that rotates and has a single entrance. Users access via one of the outer doors - but when meeting a wall, are redirected by the following sign "No Entry - please use an alternative entrance".

Once inside the user finds a number of items of some personal meaning for choices made by the artist (and with some generic meaning e.g. mirror, money, condom, thermometer, marijuana, time, chance, death).

S/he is offered the opportunity to press a dice roller and rotate the inner sanctum by that number of exits in the direction of NOW or THEN according to the number thrown (let fate decide) or to just choose how many spaces and the direction to rotate. Each exit door has a printed statement on the inside - so that upon exiting, the user might agree with (and 'physically' accept) it (and perhaps substitute the word in red for one of their own). They included: "I miss the father I wish I had had"; "I wish the pain would go away"; "I will always exercise my creativity"; "I should have loved you more"; and, "From now on I will be a different person!" (this door does not open!). The piece is about nature of choice-making embodied in the physical and metaphysical act of passing through a door. 

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