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A Touch of Clamp

A Touch of Clamp is inspired by my collection of old, largely redundant, mainly wooden, clamps of different forms and functions. Their combination with other objects offers a reinterpretation or repurposing. Sometimes this involves a statement about the relationship e.g. between technology and representations of nature (eg. Egg 2017, and TB continued? 2017 - which is about badger culling). Sometimes thing+clamp symbolises an idea (e.g. The Modern University 2018 - crushing Friere's Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Eaupressor 2018 - a comment on the plastic water bottle, and Joe Hill Framed 2018 - he was!). Other times, it is simply a pun (e.g. Writer's Block 2017, Squash 2017, Tie Press 2017, Turn of the Shrew 2017).

Eaupressor, 2018
Egg, 2017
The Modern University, 2018
Joe Hill Framed, 2018
Shrewed Decision, TBC
Squash Balls, TBC
Writer's block, TBC
Writer's Block, TBC
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